Powers of Attorney

Did you know you can grant a friend, family member or professional advisor powers to make decisions on your behalf and in your best interests?

Mackarness & Lunt can advise you on existing Enduring Powers of Attorney and if you need to put in place Lasting Powers of Attorney  (LPAs) to enable others to speak for you.

There are two types of LPAs:

1. For Financial decisions which allows your attorney authority to deal with your property and finances when you have or when you lack mental capacity.  

2. For Health decisions which allows your attorney to make welfare and health care decisions on your behalf, only when you lack mental capacity to do so yourself. This could also extend, if you wish, to giving or refusing consent to the continuation of life sustaining treatment.

Should you face health issues in the future, you’ll want a person, or people that you can trust to make decisions on your behalf. You may need someone to make a decision about your health and day to day living arrangements, or to help you deal with bills, savings/investments, property and other financial affairs.We can help you choose the right Attorney(s) to manage your finances, property and welfare issues, ensuring the appropriate restrictions and levels of authority.

Mackarness & Lunt can help outline the duties of attorneys, oversee implementation and handle registrations with the Office of the Public Guardian.  Our clear bespoke advice will help you safeguard your affairs for the future.  If you need help or would like further information please contact Michael Parr or Sarah Baker