A Will saves - time – distress – uncertainty – disputes - even tax.

We firmly believe that anyone over 18 who has a bank account...a car...life insurance... pension... a house ... investments... a business... anything of value should think about making a Will. Mackarness & Lunt have particular expertise advising in situations where there are complex family, property or business arrangements. 

A Will can:- 

Appoint executors who have the legal duty to collect together your property, pay your bills and other obligations and distribute your estate in accordance with the Will. 

Give legacies (gifts of money) or bequests (gifts of specific articles) to family, friends or charities. 

Set up trusts for children, or to deal fairly with the problems caused by difficult family relationships. 

Save tax 

Appoint guardians for children 

Do you know what will happen to your property if you haven't made a Will? Wouldn't you prefer to decide for yourself?

If you do not have someone whom you wish to appoint as an executor, or if your affairs are complex or you anticipate problems, you may wish to consider appointing the partners in the firm to be your executors.  

For details concerning dealing with the estate of someone who has died, please read the details of our Probate services. 

Why have a Will? 

There is generally complete freedom to dispose of your property exactly as you like. However, there is the possibility of a claim after your death by a dependant who is not provided for. The majority of husbands and wives with children each leave everything to the other and then to the children in trust until they are 18 or 21. You can name legal guardians for the children as well as appointing executors (the people who deal with your affairs after your death). 

If you don’t draw up a Will, the law dictates what happens to your assets after you die. This can be unsatisfactory as it is unlikely to reflect your wishes which may cause conflict within the family.

A properly drawn Will should provide for most eventualities but it can be changed at any time. A Will only speaks from the date of death. We can also advise on Living Wills/Advance Directives. These documents can be important in giving direction to medical practitioners as to what treatments you’d wish to have in a life threatening situation when you are unable to participate in such discussions.

If you have any questions then please contact Michael Parr or Sarah Baker.