Are your title deeds safe?
If you have moved property since 1st March 1988 then your property (whether it is a piece of land, a flat or a house) will be registered at the Land Registry.

HOWEVER, if you own a property or a piece of land that has not changed hands since March 1988 then it will still be unregistered.

There are distinct advantages in registering the Title to your property with the Land Registry which includes the following:

  • a registered title is guaranteed by the State, and is the best form of legal protection available
  • increased protection is afforded to registered landowners from claims of adverse possession, i.e. is someone squatting on your land who can potentially make a claim that they are now the rightful owner?
  • the Register, the Title Plan and any relevant documents are kept electronically. This is safer and more convenient to manage. The need to store them safely and securely is therefore greatly reduced, and if misplaced, copies can be obtained from the Registry upon payment of a small fee. If your unregistered Title Deeds are lost it can be very difficult to establish that you own the property or land.
  • future sales are simplified as all the relevant information is listed in one place, rather than looking at various old documents.Any difficulties in registration can normally be resolved so as to avoid any confusion or delays.
  • a 25% discount is offered by the Land Registry to encourage landowners to register their Title Deeds on a voluntary basis.

If you wish to discuss the voluntary first registration of your land or property then please contact, Allison Longhurst, Sarah Baker-Brown or Victoria La Mon

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